Elementary school closures, outreach activities, gatherings for observation… The solar eclipse on April 8 will turn our Monday afternoons upside down, but it will also have a major impact on other living organisms. Let’s see how animals react to solar […]

We are delighted to announce the publication of an article by T2 Environnement in Urbanité’s magazine. It is the Ordre des Urbanistes du Québec’s magasine. Fall’s title is CULTIVER LA VILLE: PORTRAIT DE L’AGRICULTURE URBAINE. Our article in the Practice […]

In the form of a Question & Answer interview, discover T2’s associate Daniel Tarte and his passion for mushrooms.
Why are you fascinated by mushrooms ?
“It’s the intriguing side of these living beings out there!”
What never ceases to amaze Daniel is […]

Mycology is the fungi discipline. It has developed through the identification, classification and characterization of these organisms and the identification of their interactions in their environment [1].
Picture from Hermann Traub
What is a fungi or a mushroom ?
A fungi can be […]

We’re delighted to invite you to discover T2 Environnement’s article in  Réseau Environnement’s magasine Vecteur Environnement (September 2023) .
It’s a two-page article on a subject close to our hearts: the place of interns in science. This article is presented in […]

It’s often said that there are 2 types of people: those who live to work and those who work to live. I began my university studies according to the 1st principle. In search of a great career in business, I […]

Our colleague Audrey Foisy-Morissette decided to take a week of vacation this spring. Some would say that a vacation is meant to relax, but for Audrey a vacation in May is only the best opportunity to go birding! Since 2018, […]

Our winter interns have completed their internship and our summer intern is arrived. We would like to take this opportunity of this transition to introduce you to their importance for T2 Environment (T2).  
First, the interns on our team contribute to the […]

Picture from Réseau Environnement at the Americana's distinction ceremony

On March 21, Hugo received a Distinction 2023 – Réseau Environnement award (link only in French). It is the Biodiversity Sector Distinction, one of the 11 prizes awarded at this event. It was presented at Americana the Environmental Forum and […]

On this International Women’s Rights Day, we present you some interesting readings. All of them on the importance of woman for the preservation of nature’s biodiversity.
Those who are thirsty for reading, will be served !
“The role, influence and impact of […]