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We are delighted to announce the publication of an article by T2 Environnement in Urbanité’s magazine. It is the Ordre des Urbanistes du Québec’s magasine. Fall’s title is CULTIVER LA VILLE: PORTRAIT DE L’AGRICULTURE URBAINE. Our article in the Practice section is entitled :

La mise en place d’initiatives de création de milieux humides et hydriques :
plus accessible que jamais

We explain how the Quebec government’s Programme de restauration et création des milieux humides et hydriques (PRCMHH) works.

Topics covered include:

  • Program funding;
  • The MRC management mechanism;
  • Modifications to the program since its inception;
  • The Otterburn Park project; creating a water environment;
  • Resources available to register for the program

You can read this two-page article by downloading the magazine from Ordre des Urbanistes du Québec‘s website, by clicking here.