It’s been 17 years since the first pair of peregrine falcons was observed at Université de Montréal’s Roger-Gaudry Pavilion. The following year, in 2008, a nesting box was installed on the 23rd floor of the pavilion tower to encourage the […]

Elementary school closures, outreach activities, gatherings for observation… The solar eclipse on April 8 will turn our Monday afternoons upside down, but it will also have a major impact on other living organisms. Let’s see how animals react to solar […]

Sugar shack season is here. Finally, we can enjoy maple products. As we all know, to make maple syrup, we have to boil the maple water collected from the trees, but do you know how a tree can produce this […]

Days are getting shorter and weather colder. To get through the winter, trees have two main ways of adapting: either dressed or bare. Some trees will lose their leaves before winter, while others will keep them. How can trees survive […]

How can you tell the difference between swamps, marshes, ponds and peatlands ?
There are four main types of wetlands. Can you identify them when you’re out in nature ? Awaken the detective in you and discover the clues that […]


L’être humain est le principal utilisateur de l’environnement. Très peu de milieux naturels ont échappé à ses diverses interventions: chasse, pêche, loisirs, exploitation agricole, forestière ou minière, développement urbain, empiétement sur les milieux riverains et aquatiques, assèchement de terres humides, […]

The water in our streams, rivers and creeks comes from somewhere. Contrary to the expression, water falls from the sky ! Its distribution in the various watercourses is governed by watersheds.
Image from Alain Lennuyeux
Do you know what a watershed is?
A […]

We are delighted to announce the publication of an article by T2 Environnement in Urbanité’s magazine. It is the Ordre des Urbanistes du Québec’s magasine. Fall’s title is CULTIVER LA VILLE: PORTRAIT DE L’AGRICULTURE URBAINE. Our article in the Practice […]

Eutro-what? Eutrophication. You know those blue-green algae in your lake at the cottage, maybe that’s one of the repercussions of eutrophication…
Eutrophication is a normal process in the life of a lake. Very slowly, organic matter accumulates, the lake fills in, […]

The shoreline is the area bordering a lake or waterway, beginning at the limit of the littoral zone. It’s a territory that begins when the ground rises above the water (high-water mark) and ends inland. The shoreline often comprises a […]