The water in our streams, rivers and creeks comes from somewhere. Contrary to the expression, water falls from the sky ! Its distribution in the various watercourses is governed by watersheds.
Image from Alain Lennuyeux
Do you know what a watershed is?
A […]

We are delighted to announce the publication of an article by T2 Environnement in Urbanité’s magazine. It is the Ordre des Urbanistes du Québec’s magasine. Fall’s title is CULTIVER LA VILLE: PORTRAIT DE L’AGRICULTURE URBAINE. Our article in the Practice […]

Eutro-what? Eutrophication. You know those blue-green algae in your lake at the cottage, maybe that’s one of the repercussions of eutrophication…
Eutrophication is a normal process in the life of a lake. Very slowly, organic matter accumulates, the lake fills in, […]

The shoreline is the area bordering a lake or waterway, beginning at the limit of the littoral zone. It’s a territory that begins when the ground rises above the water (high-water mark) and ends inland. The shoreline often comprises a […]

We’re delighted to invite you to discover T2 Environnement’s article in  Réseau Environnement’s magasine Vecteur Environnement (September 2023) .
It’s a two-page article on a subject close to our hearts: the place of interns in science. This article is presented in […]

It’s often said that there are 2 types of people: those who live to work and those who work to live. I began my university studies according to the 1st principle. In search of a great career in business, I […]

Agriculture, water purification systems and a wide range of businesses all have wastewater to treat. A filtering marsh is a choice technic for decontaminating these water effluents. It’s sure to be of interest for plant lovers !
A filtering marsh is […]

Now that you’re familiar with aquatic plants (see July 22 article), discover phytoremediation using duckweed!
Understanding the mechanism

Phytoremediation is the decontamination of an environment using plants. Specifically, for duckweed, it is the rhizofiltration technic. The ability of certain plants to absorb contaminants […]

We often forget that our first food source is nature. Before fields, arable and livestock farming, there were forests, plains, lakes and rivers. Even today, wilderness areas – and sometimes our own backyards – abound with edible produce! We only […]

Is a swamp just a place with waterlogged and a smelly soil? Many people know very little about wetlands and water environments, especially about the importance of preserving them.
Wetland, such as a marsh, swamp, peat bog or pond, is an […]