Now that you’re familiar with aquatic plants (see July 22 article), discover phytoremediation using duckweed!
Understanding the mechanism

Phytoremediation is the decontamination of an environment using plants. Specifically, for duckweed, it is the rhizofiltration technic. The ability of certain plants to absorb contaminants […]

We’re all familiar with terrestrial plants, such as the deciduous or coniferous trees and herbaceous plants that grow around us, but can you tell the difference between them and aquatic plants? This is a short guide to recognize different types […]

We often forget that our first food source is nature. Before fields, arable and livestock farming, there were forests, plains, lakes and rivers. Even today, wilderness areas – and sometimes our own backyards – abound with edible produce! We only […]

Is a swamp just a place with waterlogged and a smelly soil? Many people know very little about wetlands and water environments, especially about the importance of preserving them.
Wetland, such as a marsh, swamp, peat bog or pond, is an […]

After the no mow May, let’s continue in the same vein for pollinators and biodiversity this summer! Why not transform some of your lawn ? You could create a better habitat for our discreet neighbors, insects and other arthropods.
Choosing a […]

Our colleague Audrey Foisy-Morissette decided to take a week of vacation this spring. Some would say that a vacation is meant to relax, but for Audrey a vacation in May is only the best opportunity to go birding! Since 2018, […]

When will spring return? Earlier !
Are you familiar with the concept of phenology? It is the temporality associated with key stages of species’ life cycle. It is an internal calendar of development for each species, example ; appearance of cotyledons, […]

Commonly called "meat fly", this irridescent fly is a member of the Calliphoridae family. Image by Steve Buissinne

We all know the importance of bees in pollination, but did you know that many other species such as flies pollinate flowers as well?
Pollinating species take nectar from flowers and at the same time fertilize them with pollen that they […]

Picture from Réseau Environnement at the Americana's distinction ceremony

On March 21, Hugo received a Distinction 2023 – Réseau Environnement award (link only in French). It is the Biodiversity Sector Distinction, one of the 11 prizes awarded at this event. It was presented at Americana the Environmental Forum and […]

Picture from Bernd Hildebrandt

With the end of winter, the ground thaws and gets back into action, but usually only in temperate regions of the world. However, for several years in the Arctic, and in all tempered regions, […]