L’être humain est le principal utilisateur de l’environnement. Très peu de milieux naturels ont échappé à ses diverses interventions: chasse, pêche, loisirs, exploitation agricole, forestière ou minière, développement urbain, empiétement sur les milieux riverains et aquatiques, assèchement de terres humides, […]

The water in our streams, rivers and creeks comes from somewhere. Contrary to the expression, water falls from the sky ! Its distribution in the various watercourses is governed by watersheds.
Image from Alain Lennuyeux
Do you know what a watershed is?
A […]

We are delighted to announce the publication of an article by T2 Environnement in Urbanité’s magazine. It is the Ordre des Urbanistes du Québec’s magasine. Fall’s title is CULTIVER LA VILLE: PORTRAIT DE L’AGRICULTURE URBAINE. Our article in the Practice […]

In the form of a Question & Answer interview, discover T2’s associate Daniel Tarte and his passion for mushrooms.
Why are you fascinated by mushrooms ?
“It’s the intriguing side of these living beings out there!”
What never ceases to amaze Daniel is […]

Mycology is the fungi discipline. It has developed through the identification, classification and characterization of these organisms and the identification of their interactions in their environment [1].
Picture from Hermann Traub
What is a fungi or a mushroom ?
A fungi can be […]

Eutro-what? Eutrophication. You know those blue-green algae in your lake at the cottage, maybe that’s one of the repercussions of eutrophication…
Eutrophication is a normal process in the life of a lake. Very slowly, organic matter accumulates, the lake fills in, […]

The shoreline is the area bordering a lake or waterway, beginning at the limit of the littoral zone. It’s a territory that begins when the ground rises above the water (high-water mark) and ends inland. The shoreline often comprises a […]

We’re delighted to invite you to discover T2 Environnement’s article in  Réseau Environnement’s magasine Vecteur Environnement (September 2023) .
It’s a two-page article on a subject close to our hearts: the place of interns in science. This article is presented in […]

It’s often said that there are 2 types of people: those who live to work and those who work to live. I began my university studies according to the 1st principle. In search of a great career in business, I […]

Agriculture, water purification systems and a wide range of businesses all have wastewater to treat. A filtering marsh is a choice technic for decontaminating these water effluents. It’s sure to be of interest for plant lovers !
A filtering marsh is […]