Diagram made with Canvas

Who has never seen a dead wild animal on the side of the road? Today, this has become a commonplace occurrence. However, it is one of the consequences of ecosystems fragmentation. With urban and industrial development and the need to […]

On this International Women’s Rights Day, we present you some interesting readings. All of them on the importance of woman for the preservation of nature’s biodiversity.
Those who are thirsty for reading, will be served !
“The role, influence and impact of […]

Let’s travel from Asia to Quebec! A journey among many others that some native species undergo because of human action. The emerald ash borer is a good example of a species that has made this long journey in the past. […]

Cervids: family of ungulate mammals whose males carry antlers (deer, roe deer…). (Larousse, n.d.)
Last December, the Court of Appeal suspended the controlled hunting of deer that currently overpopulate the famous Michel-Chartrand Park in Longueuil. The case will have to be […]

The term biodiversity comes from biological diversity and refers to the variety of organisms, species and ecosystems that inhabit our planet. When we talk about biodiversity, everyone has a role to play, from the microorganisms buried in the […]