Our winter interns have completed their internship and our summer intern is arrived. We would like to take this opportunity of this transition to introduce you to their importance for T2 Environment (T2).  

First, the interns on our team contribute to the continuous modernization of the company. Whether it is with the new discoveries and technologies in the field, the use of social networks to present our skills, or even inclusive and epicene writing for our reports. The interns complement the rich knowledge T2 already have.  

Secondly, they are often young and dynamic, full of new ideas and diverse points of view. Answering their questions and explaining concepts sometimes leads us to see things in a new way. Finally, their energy and ambition increases our own motivation to work in this field.  

In return, we kindly pass on our knowledge and experience. We share with them approaches to wetland and water restoration, technical report writing techniques, professional procedures and much more. This sharing benefits everyone! Continuous learning is important for T2, both for interns and biologists.  

They can’t stay long before going back to school and it is the only negative point. However, it is sometimes with great happiness that some of them come back after completing their studies and become part of our team for the long term! 


On the left, Samira and on the right Audrey, teleworking together on a stormy day in January. T2’s picture

Written by T2 Environment