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We all know the importance of bees in pollination, but did you know that many other species such as flies pollinate flowers as well?
Pollinating species take nectar from flowers and at the same time fertilize them with pollen that they […]


Cervids and Man, a history of adaptation

Cervids: family of ungulate mammals whose males carry antlers (deer, roe deer…). (Larousse, n.d.)
Last December, the Court of Appeal suspended the controlled hunting of deer that currently overpopulate the famous Michel-Chartrand Park in Longueuil. The case will have to be […]

Quebec’s biodiversity explained and applied!

The term biodiversity comes from biological diversity and refers to the variety of organisms, species and ecosystems that inhabit our planet. When we talk about biodiversity, everyone has a role to play, from the microorganisms buried in the […]