Implementation of an ecological restoration program for a mining complex located north of Schefferville

Tata Steel Mineral Canada (TSMC) – 2016-2019

TSMC has the responsibility to continuously restore the various mining sites they operate or will operate. However, restoring mining sites in northern Quebec is challenging. Not only are the sites poorly accessible, which limits the amount of inputs that can be used, but the extreme climate of the region and the toxicity of the tailings make the environment unfavourable for plant growth.

In order to develop an innovative low-input restoration method adapted to northern conditions, T² Environnement and Viridis Terra Innovations have developed an experimental system to restore the degraded sites of TSMC’s iron mine. This system integrates combinations of treatments used in other mine restoration situations (irrigation, tillage, inputs, planting methods) with different indigenous shrub species to identify those that are best adapted to the site’s conditions. A microbial inoculant is also being developed in collaboration with Laval and McGill Universities.

T² Environnement is responsible for coordinating the project and implementing the various planting activities.