Characterization of the wetlands and hydrous environments and sensitive plant habitats on the site of Camping Club Havana in Maricourt

Camping Club Havana – 2018

In order to expand and diversify the types of accommodation available at Camping Club Havana in Maricourt, the owners of the campsite had to upgrade the sanitary facilities already in place. This process requires a certificate of authorization (CA) under section 32 of the Environment Quality Act (EQA) for water and sewer work.

T² Environnement was mandated to characterize wetlands and water environments as well as sensitive plant habitats on lots belonging to Camping Club Havana. A report in accordance with the requirements of the ministère de l’Environnement et la Lutte contre les changements climatiques (MELCC) was produced by T² Environnement.

The sensitivity of the receiving environment was assessed since the discharge point of the new facilities was in a stream crossing a wetland complex. It was subsequently possible to implement efficient septic systems with a reduced ecological footprint that will allow the Camping Club Havana to develop sustainably.