Conservation and sustainable development plans for four high ecological value sites in Kahnawà:ke

Kahnawà:ke Environment Protection Office (KEPO) – 2015-2016

The objective of this project was to develop a management plan for four important natural environments located in Kahnawà:ke. Each of these plans included a figure showing existing ecosystems, priority conservation areas, sensitive elements such as rare species, as well as the location of proposed interventions and the presence of invasive alien species. A map of constraints for each site was also produced.

The plans propose a series of site-specific actions to maintain or even improve conditions for biodiversity, enhance the site and promote access and sustainable use. The project included a literature review of the many biological characterization studies that have been conducted in the last few years in Kahnawà:ke. The project also included the organization and holding of a workshop and an open house. Various tools were developed, including an online questionnaire to gather public feedback on the current and desired uses and concerns about conservation issues.